Prevent, Extremism and Radicalisation

Policy Context

This policy relates to all activities of Leaping Man Learning Limited trading as Swift.

All references to “Swift” below should be recognised as pertaining to Leaping Man Learning Limited.

All references to "learners" below should be recognised as pertaining to "apprentices" and vice versa.

As of August 2021, the UK threat from Terrorism and Extremism is “Substantial” which means a terrorist attack is considered to be likely.

Swift has a number of legal obligations pursuant to the Counterterrorism and Security Act 2015 and to report and general criminal activity to the police and to ensure that it does not provide a platform for the development and encouragement of extremist ideologies.

Has a training provider, Swift also has an obligation to promote freedom of speech and to encourage, discussion and debate around societal issues potentially impacting the lives of our learners.

This policy aims to ensure compliance with Swifts legal obligations as well as detailing how freedom of speech will be encouraged.

Policy Introduction

Swift is fully committed to providing a secure and safe environment for its apprentices and staff, an environment where apprentices and staff feel protected and safe.

This Policy details how Swift will fulfil its obligations to the UK Government Prevent Duty and CONTEST Strategy as detailed in the Counterterrorism and Security Act 2015 and the Prevent Duty Guidance for Further Education Providers.

In following this policy and all other relevant company policies and procedures based around health, safety, welfare, safeguarding and equality and diversity all Swift staff will contribute to the effective implementation and maintenance of all company policies and procedures.

This policy is just one element within the general arrangements that safeguard and promote the welfare and wellbeing of all Apprentices associated with the statutory obligations set out in the Education Act 2002.

This policy also portrays the actual guidance taken from the following relevant resources:

- Keeping children safe in education.

- Learning together to be safe.

- “Prevent Strategy” resources guide.

- Tackling extremism in the United Kingdom.

- Teaching approaches that help build resilience to extremism among young people.

The appointed Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) will be accountable for Swifts compliance to this policy and to its legal obligations pursuant to the Prevent Duty.
The current DSL is Jack Edwards.

Policy Objectives
1.1. To detail how Swift will comply with its obligations to UK government pursuant to the Terrorism Act, Prevent Strategy and CONTEST Strategy.
1.2. To gain the commitment of all staff and stakeholders to this policy, its implementation and effectiveness within the organisation.
1.3. To create a culture and practice that protects apprentices and stakeholders from radicalising influences. This includes a comprehensive and effective training process that supports staff to identify changes in behaviour that could be linked to extremism and radicalisation.
1.4. To ensure that all stakeholders understand how to report concerns.
1.5. To support the development of resilient apprentices and stakeholders to extremist views and to encourage all stakeholders to see the value in diversity.
1.6. To train all employees to recognise the sign of radicalisation or extremist influences.
1.7. To support the aims of the CONTEST Strategy, which are:
- To RESPOND to the ideological challenge of terrorism
- To PREVENT our stakeholders from being drawn into terrorism and provide context, support and advice.
- COLLABORATE with other sectors to ensure a cross multi-agency approach to addressing the risks posed as a result of the promotion of terrorist views.
1.8. To promote this policy to all stakeholders and third parties including employees, learners, apprentices and employers.

To view the full policy:

10. Prevent, Extremism and Radicalisation Policy.pdf